Friday, 15 January 2010

Hi everyone.......(or not????).....Feels wierd doing this, It's my first blog!!! will anyone read it? Well this is something I am passionate about and my goal for 2010 is to start this beauty blog and also enrol on a proffesional make up artistry course, no more what if?? it next year....NO! This is the year for big changes........

So......Thought I would start off with a blog that everyone seems to love.....(I will venture into Videos but heh one thing at a time....)


1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I know its an oldie but after trying more foundations than I care to mention......:/ I have to say for a drugstore product this is really really good!!!.....It is thick and although I own the MAC foundation brush this is not one to be used with a brush!!...fingertips all the way , it is thick agreed but I tend to mix it with a hightlighter cream which brings on to number product no 2!

2. Barbra Daly "Glow Up" Face highlighter cream

OMG!! this is brilliant.... I have been using this for at least 2 years and have never read much about it review wise on the Internet/Blogs but trust me in my experience this is one of the only highlighters that actually really makes your skin glitter, easy to blend and for around £6 it really is worth a try, I tend to mix it with foundation in the winter and use it as a highlighter on its own on browner skin in the summer. Its not drying like the Eyeko cream I have tried and blends much easier than more expensive alternatives from Benefit........ This really is a staple in my make up routine!!

3. MAC Fix+

Im a new convert to this, purchased it at the Airport on the way to Spain for New Year....I cant resist a MAC purchase at the airport, I feel myself being dragged in every time!!!!!! telling myself I NEED another pigment/lipstick etc......I had read about this on Lollipop26 Blog and thought I would give it a go, have to say a spritz of this after make up application really does seem to keep everything in place for much longer....and im informed in the summer months it gives a nice dewy effect which we all def worthy of a place I feel.

4. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

Got given some samples of this when visiting Space NK in Covent Garden, was sceptical at first although it did feel really nice when the sales assistant was applying it to the back of my hand.......I have to be honest and felt it was very pricy at around £55 for 450ml bottle , but having read rave reviews about it online and then given lots of samples to try i duly took them home to give it a go. Claims from beauty blog land say that it leaves your skin feeling so soft you don't need a moisturiser..(yer right)..but I hve to say that after having used it ( and it is wierd applying oil staright on your face!!) you then add water and it emulsifies and literally melts the make up away....mascara the lot!...and aftewards...WOW! my skin felt amazing really really soft. I did still use a moisturiser but that part of my routine that im sticking too, but I was really impressed by this product and in hinsight seeings you dont really need to use that much Im figuring a large 450ml bottle would prob last a year?? so an investment worth making.

5. NARS Mousson cream-powder shadow

Now im new to the world of NARS, have always tended to steer towards MAC in the higher branded end of the market, but after a recent shopping trip to John Lewis in London at Xmas I felt myself being drawn to the NARS counter.......I loved the latest collection 'Holiday 2009' there were lots of products I would have loved to purchase but the one that stood out was this shadow, its a mossy/shimmery green not drying like some cream eyeshadows and I find application with a small brush best for this, its not to shimmery that it looks out of place during the day, but also can be built up enough to create a stunning nightime shadow, looks goodwith an outer corner of MAC Smut........Am loving this shadow and is not that similar to the tens of other I have in my collection....worth a purchase, nice packaging too Like the mirror in the case, although not sure you would ever use it to apply with but heh?? a mirrors always handy!!

Anyway thought I would leave this at 5 products for now....see if anyones interested....etc.... but would love to hear your views opinions on any of the products, or anything you fancy sharing...feel free.......x