Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday 17th January 2010

Think Pink!!!!

After having a sort out of my lipsticks/glosses over the weekend......(God I have soooo many) I have decided I have been on the look out for the perfect Bright Pink Lipstick for some time now......I love that look of minimal eyes slick of black liner and a really bold pink lip...(think Rhianna esq..) but this is not an easy lipstick to find , prob on par with finding the perfect Red??.....A while ago while browsing the MAC counter I thought I found it.....I loved the look of MAC Chatterbox and although it is a bold pink I am quite dark so felt I could carry it off......Hmmm well I think it has been worn maybe once? applied lots of times with good intentions but never made it out the door on my lips!!! its a very hard colour to wear and I think maybe suited to blonde's rather than brunettes? A couple of weeks ago I picked up a pink in Barry M which I felt could be the next contender???? And............????

I love it! its Barry M number 146, they don't seem to have names on there shades, but its lovely! at first glance it looks very similar to MAC chatterbox bu it has deeper undertones and is just an easier shade to wear, although its still edgy enough o be a statement pink i feel.....S any one out there found there perfect Pink....???????