Wednesday, 24 March 2010

To Conceal......or not to Conceal..?!?!

One product I find that I have never really found my perfect match with is......"Concealer" and boy have I tried loads....!!! Touche Eclat, Benefit, MAC, Clinique, ELF....need I go on?? I either find there to thick, sit in the fine lines under my eyes...(Benefit) Or there to thin and light and don't cover well (Touche Eclat) I think concealers are very personal to your skin texture as well as tone, and my skin is olive in colouring and i think that's where the problem lies, that and having quite bad dark circles from many years of lack of sleep from being a mummy!!

But hey, I will not be beaten there must be a wonder product out there which will make me look airbrushed and like I have just woken from a 12 hour sleep......(LOL) I just haven't found it yet. Next on my hit list is going to be Bobbi Brown, I have heard good things about this and like the idea of the cream concealer and powder in one compact!

Well I would love to hear about your favourite concealers and which ones you really love?.........Who better to ask than you guys??