Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Review - Bobbi Brown Concealer!!!..... and Corrector!
(And Clinique Eye Cream)

Well after much deliberation and reading my lovely followers comments on concealers, I decided I would go ahead and purchase the Bobbi Brown concealer and powder duo!

I visited the Bobbi Brown counter in House of Fraser at the Bluewater shopping centre, and one of the lovely girls there did a colour match for me. I have to say having visited various department store makeup counters before, the girl at Bobbi Brown was very friendly and really made an effort to choose the right shade for my skin. So firstly she applied a colour corrector which they recommend you use before the concealer to take any of the dark colours away from under your eyes. I have blueish undertones to my skin and I could really see a difference when she applied this as a base, she used the shade "bisque".
Next she applied the concealer itself, in the shade "natural" she used a brush although I find I prefer to use my ring finger and pat it on. After this the last stage ( i know this seems long winded!!) she applied the powder in "pale yellow" which comes in a compact attached to the concealer, this just sets everything and helps it stay in place. I dont use face powder so this is a must for me!

Well as you would know from previous posts I have written, the dark circles under my eyes are a problem for me and I have never found a product that I have been really satisfied with..........UNTIL NOW! I love this set, and I especially love the colour corrector, I didn't think this was going to be a necessary purchase at first but after seeing the finished result I felt it was worth it. Having used it now at home for the last 4-5 days I'm really pleased, I can notice a definite difference in the colour under my eyes when the products are applied, and I definitely think they look a lot better. This is not a cheap option by any means £22 for the concealer and powder and £16 for the corrector, but I think it will last a long time and you can buy the concealer on its own if you run out before the powder is used up! ....good idea!!

Which brings me on to eye cream!!.......I had been using the No7 protect and Perfect one for a while now, but I have to say that I have not noticed any difference with this cream, which is a shame as I love the No7 skincare range. I have very dry eyes/eyelids which in turn means I can be prone to crepey skin on my eyelids, a nightmare when you trying to apply shadows. So I decided to try Clinique "all about eyes rich" which has had a lot of good reviews, and I like the Clinique skincare range in general especially if you are prone to sensitive skin. Well I have to say I have been using this cream for 5 days now and can definitely notice a difference in the skin texture around my eyelids, its smoother and not dry at all, it claims to treat puffy eyes too, I will keep you posted on that one!... at £22 I think this cream is good value for money its really rich so you don't need loads and I think it will last a while...so far so good!...
Any Eyecream fav's....??? x