Tuesday, 7 September 2010

MeMeMe....Blush me!

Hi guys, I have just returned from holiday in Mexico so been a bit absent in the blogging world! I'm going to be doing a holiday heroes post this week, just going through some products I used while away which really helped with the condition of my skin and hair whilst in scorching temperatures!!!!

Anyway apart from picking up some Ghost perfume at the airport, I have been been totally makeup purchase free for the last 2 weeks!!!! (shock horror!!) So when I got back I readily started reading all you lovely ladies posts to see whats new and what I have missed out on! One product that caught my eye was a post Laura Lollipop26 did with regard to the new range of blushers from Me Me Me cosmetics.

They are boxed and look exactly like the Benefit ones and after looking at her review and swatches I decided to pick one up in my lunch hour today. The one I picked up was in the colour Rouge which is a Deep Coral shade, they do have a shade called Coral but this was more pink toned. The pigmentation in these blushes are really quite good and definitely a contender for the Benefit alternatives. I have a love hate relationship with Benefit, to me a lot of there products are overpriced, and they seem to base more emphasis on the packaging than the quality of whats inside it! The fact that Me Me ME have basically mimicked the blusher boxes for a third of the price, to me just goes to show Benefit need to up there game!!!

Oh and theres a mirror in the lid!! all for £6.49 (on offer in Superdrug £1.50 off normal price right now)

I really like the Bronze shade shown in my pic here, and think I will pick that up too!! Anyone else tried these out??

Emma x