Sunday, 28 February 2010

Birthday Tomorrow!!!!!!......Jewellery bits!

So my lovely blogger's, its my Birthday tom and I thought I would share with you a couple of items I picked up from ASOS as a little pre birthday present to myself!!! (aren't they always the best presents?)....... ;0)

So I got this ring and earrings and I absolutely love both of them, I personally think there really different and the ring receives compliments every time I wear it. really do have some great jewellery and at £8 for the ring and £4 for the earrings you cant really complain.......

Where do you get your fave jewellery from?...........x

Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday 26th February.....

Me Me Me Shimmy Shimmers....

So if your reading this you have more than like likely read my not so great review on the No7 Highlighter. So I was in my local Super drug today and I was musing over the Me Me Me counter, have a couple of their eye shadows which are really good quality for a cheaper brand, and at the moment they have £2 off the highlighters liquid and pressed ones. So I liked the look of the gold one, the pink is pretty but i have something very similar from Clinique and the gold looked like it would be good for your eyes too.....(here's hoping for no more sore eyelids with this one!).. So far I have tried this on my face and am impressed, it glides on and blends in really well, which was my main gripe with the No7 just doesn't!!!

At £4.99 at the moment I think this highlighter is a bargain, will be using over the next week and will do a post in about a week with an update....... :0)...x
Friday 26th February.......

Product I wanted to love...... :(

No7 Highlighter

Now this may be somewhat controversial as I have read so many posts with people raving about this product, but I said when I started this blog I will always be honest with my reviews, I bought this a couple of weeks ago, and initially I was really impressed seemed like a really nice product especially from No7 which is a make up brand I have never been overly impressed with in the past. It looked so pretty and swatched really well on my hand.........

But I have to say I just don't like this. I just find its so hard to blend?!...It just sits on top of the skin and no amount of buffing blending etc seems to make any difference? I also used it as a highlighter for the brow bone and it made my eyes really sore. Now this may be due to me having overly sensitive eyes but generally I feel you should be able to use a product like this on that area of you face.

Whats your thoughts on this product???.........x...:0)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Random Haul.......ASOS .......N07......M&S!

So I picked up a few bits and bobs over the weekend, and thought I would share with you all, firstly I just love this cleanser, finished the first bottle completely ( which is a first for me!!!!) and really have been impressed with it. It's Boots No7 Soft and Soothed gentle cleanser for Normal/dry skin. I find this cleanser really soothing on the skin, it removes all my face makeup completely, not eye makeup but I still use baby oil for that, always have done! It doesn't feel heavy or greasy and leaves my skin which is on the dry side feeling really moist....(I hate that word...) it costs £7.95 from Boots and the last bottle probably lasted me 3-4 months a bargain I feel!!!

Next!!!....Nail Polish.......

So I picked up a couple of nail polishes one from M&S from there new spring pastel collection there really pretty colours but the pale pink/lilac was my favourite, I'm always drawn to the light blues and mint greens but whenever I put them on my nails I just don't like them..... So at £2.50, I picked up the one called "pastel" they go on really well no streaks and the colour is really pretty!

Also I got an Essie nail colour from ASOS in the shade Red Nouveau. I have been looking for a red shade for a while now, I don't really like the standard red nail polish colour I have loads but this one is different it's what I would call a tomato red rather than a pillar box dark red, I have been looking for this shade for a while, and after application I am pleased i bought it. It goes on really well, only needed 2 coats, so yea for Essie polishes....this is my first one....(of many i feel)........:0)...x

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cynol Moisture Dream - leave in conditioner

Now I'm new to the Cynol range of hair products, but after a recent trip to the hairdresser, stressing about how dried out my hair was, she suggested the above. I was hesitant at first as I have never had good experiences with leave in conditioners always seem to leave my hair feeling heavy and gunky when blow dried!!!.... But surfice to say, after the hairdresser applied this my hair did seem really shiny and smooth so I purchased!... The product comes in a pump spray and is a clear liquid with the top third being a milky consistency, you shake up the bottle and then apply 3 to 4 sprays to damp hair before blow drying. I have been using this product for a week now and have to say I'm impressed! it really doesn't leave any residue and my hair seems to be much smoother and less dried out on the ends. I read a review by the lovely Sarah at on the shampoo and conditioner and am seriously considering purchasing them too.... Do you guys have any experience of this haircare range?........ x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

OMG!!!!!!! Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation

Now I have been looking into purchasing/finding a foundation that I really truly love.....I have tried soooo many over the years, and trust me there have been a lot of them when your 36!!! My current favourite was as with a lot of you bloggers... Revlon Colourstay. Great foundation great staying power, if only one gripe a little hard to blend, I like to apply foundation with a brush and I find it hard with this one. Now I have been pouring over numerous blogs getting recommendations from Maybelline to Giorgio Armani, but one make has stood out in the review stakes and that is Chanel Vitalumiere, I have been reading the lovely girls from Pixiwoo's site and although they use and advocate lots of different brands they do seem to favor this one and when watching them apply it it looked rather lovely!!!...So off I went on an impromptu shopping trip to House of Fraser with my mum and I headed straight for the Chanel counter. Now the lady there colour matched me with beige 40 (I tried it on myself, there something about someone applying foundation to your face with a q -tip that I don't like!) and I must admit the match was spot on, so I purchased.

Now this is a big investment for me at £31 and of course was worried I wouldn't really think much of it, but oh how wrong I was. I gave it a little trial run this evening, it comes in a very nice pump applicator bottle and I applied 1 to 1 half pumps to back of my hand, and blended it in with my foundation brush, a little definitely goes a long way, and it covers like a dream!!! but in no way at all does it feel heavy or cakey it just glides on, It made my skin look really fresh and dewy, the look I have been wanting to achieve through prob the last 5 foundations I have used. So to sum up I'm LOVING this so far and thanks to Nic and Sam at Pixiwoo for your great videos an getting me on to this product, I think this one is definitely a keeper!...x

Monday, 8 February 2010


Now I'm not new to E.L.F make-up, I first bought from there great website last year, the prices are so reasonable that you cant really go wrong....!..

That said, I wouldn't say all of the products I have tried have been good, and there are some that I defiantly would not re purchase, all in one concealer, cakey and dried out quickly, lip glosses sticky and do no apply well..... But there brushes are excellent value for money and compare really well to some more expensive ones I have, that tend to shed thier hairs all over your face!!... (MAC 190 you know who I'm talking about!!)

"Coralista" on the left, "Tickled Pink" on the right

So anyway on my quest to build up a varied blush collection 2 E.L.F products caught my eye, from thier the studio collection and go by the names "tickled pink" and "candid coral" these arrived today and I couldn't wait to get home and try them, if your not familiar with E.L.F products there packaging is very similar to NARS plain black simple, and clean, the blushers come with a mirror in the lid, (not very useful for applying blush) , but would be a good one in your hand bag for lip gloss on a night out...:).....On swatching these on the back of my hand neither product seemed to have very much pigmentation but i decided to try them properly when home and was pleasantly surprised. My favourite of the 2 is definitely candid coral, this reminds me of Benefits coralista which has been blogged about lots, but with E.L.F being £3.50 and Benefit £22, need I say more??....... I like this blush it is a pretty coral peachy colour with really pretty gold flecks in it. not at all glittery just leaves a really subtle sheen on the cheeks! a winner I think? "tickled pink" is a nice pink and I'm glad I purchased it, but It is very sheer and maybe more suited to fair skinned lovelies and not darker skins like myself. So to round up I'm pleased with purchases and will look into some more E.L.F products soon..........So what are your thoughts on E.L.F???

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Quick Shout Out.....

Just a quick shout out for an eye pencil I picked up yesterday.........The product is called "Band of Bold" in the colour "Ever Green"

Sorry not a great picture!!!...... doesn't do this product justice!! this is a REALLY great pencil, very soft to apply you don't have to work it at all, it just glides straight on, with good pigmentation looks lovely on brown eyes and it has metallic undertones really pretty!!

Well all that's left is to tell you where I purchased this little beauty, and it was Primark!.....have never really thought much about there beauty products before, and wasn't holding out great expectations for this pencil, but I have to say at a price tag of £2 you really should snap one of these up!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

No7 Heavenly Hydration.....!!I purchased this at the weekend on recommendation from a friend, I really wanted something to put on a cleansed face a night before bed... Have had numerous night creams none of which I feel really have made any difference. This cream is marketed as a "softly lightly whipped gel-cream"...(it does look a bit like a Mr Whippy ice cream, which actually made it more attractive!!!!)..."With an instantly quenching caring boost". Its marketed as a mask they say leave it on for 3 mins then wipe away, or for more intense moisture leave for up to 10 minutes. I find though I have been putting it on at night before bed and leaving it on, it soaks into your skin anyway, and I cant really see the benefit of wiping it off after 3 minutes??. Anyway I have very dry skin and I have been doing this routine for the last 3 nights, I have to say it makes your skin feel really soft and I am impressed with it so far. Maybe avoid the leaving on overnight if you have skin on the oilier side, but generally this gets a thumbs up from me so far...if this changes and breaks me out into spots I will be sure to blog and let you all know.....:0)