Friday, 19 March 2010

No7 £5 Vouchers.....Ruby and Millie & Body Shop!

Now i dont know whether its just me, but whenever Boots do there £5 off No7/Ruby and Millie vouchers, I either forget to use mine and they sit in my purse past there date!!!...Or I end up with so many that I spend hours looking at No7 convincing myself there is something i "need" from there skincare collection..!

Now I'm loving the No7 skincare range as you will have read in previous posts, but I have the cleanser /sauna mask/day cream/eye cream,.......something of an obsession going on here you think??......So today while in my local Boots I decided to give the Ruby and Millie counter a perusal, Now when this brand first came out I loved it, but I have to say it hasn't really excited me for the last few years, and the prices are, well blommin expensive for a brand sold in Boots, especially when similar products from MAC are only a couple of pounds more...... But still I looked and picked up a couple of things, one being the lip gloss pictured below in "Lilac 51" this colour really stood out as a pretty gloss, it's a lovely Lilac shimmer with Pink and Gold undertones, it really is lovely (picture doesn't do this one justice, camera not the best hence cant get a good swatch on the skin)........ But I would recommend this one, I personally wouldn't pay the £11 they ask for it, but with the voucher it was £6 so not too bad.....

Also I got this cute make up bag, I think this is a great size and has a stiff outer case which means products not getting squashed inside!..This was £8 but with my £5 voucher only £3.....Bargain!!!

Next a trip to Body Shop.......

Now after reading a few post's on the Body Shop Facial Buffer, I thought I would get one and see what the fuss is all about. It is to be used with a facial wash to gently exfoliate your face. I sometimes feel facial exfoliater's don't really hit the mark so thought I would try this little sponge, will keep you all posted..... Also picked up the Body Shop "Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Cleanser " will use this with the sponge, I love the Body Shop Tea Tree products, they always make my skin feel really clean. Let me know your Body Shop Favourites.....!..:0)