Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Autumn/Winter Lust haves!!!!

While flicking through some online make up sites, I was stopped in my tracks by these two palette's from NARS

"Only You Eye and Cheek palette" "Beautiful Life Lip and Cheek Palette"

I love both of these palettes the colours are all really wearable, and the shades are great for Winter.

I love sets like this especially for weekends away and travel where you don't have to take numerous eye shadows and lipsticks, especially after my recent trip to a London Hotel (that will remain nameless) where I left, and this hurts to say.....a 15 pan MAC eye palette thankfully not full... behind in the room. (still hurts to say that out loud) and although I rang the hotel that eve mysteriously it had disappeared!!!! Anyway rant over I want both of these palettes and I love the the little soft zip up pouches they come in! Perfect.......Just need to save up for them!!

Emma x

What are your Winter lusts......?????

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

MeMeMe....Blush me!

Hi guys, I have just returned from holiday in Mexico so been a bit absent in the blogging world! I'm going to be doing a holiday heroes post this week, just going through some products I used while away which really helped with the condition of my skin and hair whilst in scorching temperatures!!!!

Anyway apart from picking up some Ghost perfume at the airport, I have been been totally makeup purchase free for the last 2 weeks!!!! (shock horror!!) So when I got back I readily started reading all you lovely ladies posts to see whats new and what I have missed out on! One product that caught my eye was a post Laura Lollipop26 did with regard to the new range of blushers from Me Me Me cosmetics.

They are boxed and look exactly like the Benefit ones and after looking at her review and swatches I decided to pick one up in my lunch hour today. The one I picked up was in the colour Rouge which is a Deep Coral shade, they do have a shade called Coral but this was more pink toned. The pigmentation in these blushes are really quite good and definitely a contender for the Benefit alternatives. I have a love hate relationship with Benefit, to me a lot of there products are overpriced, and they seem to base more emphasis on the packaging than the quality of whats inside it! The fact that Me Me ME have basically mimicked the blusher boxes for a third of the price, to me just goes to show Benefit need to up there game!!!

Oh and theres a mirror in the lid!! all for £6.49 (on offer in Superdrug £1.50 off normal price right now)

I really like the Bronze shade shown in my pic here, and think I will pick that up too!! Anyone else tried these out??

Emma x

Friday, 30 July 2010

Silkimiz.........THESE ARE REALLY GOOD!!

Hi guys!!

On the eternal quest for smooth legs during summer, this product caught my eye in Superdrug. It's the Silkimiz Mitt, as you can see from my pics they are like little hand size pockets, of what basically looks like smooth sandpaper!....(maybe first dupe for make up product to be found in DIY store....ha ha ha!)

As there was no one in my office this afternoon I gave then a quick little trial on a patch of my leg..! I'm probably shaving my legs every 3 days at the moment and there just at that stubble coming back through stage. So basically you rub this little mitt in a circular motion 4 or 5 times in one direction and then the same in the other direction. And I have to say WOW my skin was really really smooth.....much more so than after shaving.

I bought the small pack which contains 3 of the mitts at the massive cost of 99p!!! I'm not sure the cost of the larger packs but its not more than £5 I will be doing the rest of my legs this weekend. The only downside I will say is that it probably takes 3 times as long as shaving, but I'm so impressed with the results so far I think its worth it!

Anyone else tried these or anything similar??

Emma x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

MAC - In The Groove

Hi guys......sorry it's been so long!!! Just been so busy lately not had time to even pick laptop up after work!

Well anyway as you may or may not know I went on the make up foundation course at AOFM in June and part of that was a great shopping day where we got up 35% off MAC Bobbi Brown Space NK etc, so as you can imagine I bought lots to build up my kit, my aim is to get into wedding makeup ad I'm currently having a website designed!! I spent ALOT of money on products in London but was totally happy with everything I got, and def have a nice start to my kit with some really good wearable bridal colours, I may do a post on what I bought if you guys are interested? let me know.

Anyway I felt I hadn't really bought anything much for my own make up bag and then along came In The Groove from MAC, I had bought a couple of bits from To The Beach but was not all that inspired, In The Groove on the other hand I liked alot, so I purchased

Stereo Rose MSF!!

This is truly gorgeous a beautiful coral/bronze toned MSF it looks alot pinker in my shot but its definitely more coral it has gold flecks running through it but no chunks!!! I cant wait to wear this today, I think its sold out on he website already and as I usually dither about what I want from MAC collections, I'm glad I got in quick with this one. I think i is probably going to work better on slightly darker skin tones, but the other two Petticoat and By Candlelight would work well on all skin tones, I wanted to get them all!!!

In The Groove - Eyeshadow Trio

This was by far my favourite of the eye shadows, I steer towards these pinky burgundy tones, there so easy to wear, I'm glad MAC are doing the trio eye shadows, makes them much better value for money, for £15 I think these are great. The only other one I would have possibly picked up was Soften The Mood but I was being restrained!!

I Like It Like That - Cremesheen Lipstick

This is one of those colours I dithered over for ages, it's a really lovely bluetoned pink, and something which I don't have in my collection, It is however very bright and I had visions of my disaster with MAC Chatterbox which I loved but I just looks awful on me. But after swatching them both together in the MAC shop this is a much more cooler pink and having got it home and tried it, I think its going to become a favourite. Jazzed was also really nice but reminded me of Dressmaker from a previous collection which I have, so didn't pick that one up.

These are truly awful swatches!! I have a decent camera but my pictures always look rubbish!?!

I'm sure you have all seen thousands of these swatches anyway, but from the top In The Groove Eyeshadow Trio..........Middle Stereo Rose MSF and then bottom I Like It Like That Lippie!!

All in all This is one of my favourite MAC collections this year. So did you pick anything up?.....And what do you think?.....x

Emma x

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My course at AOFM........

Hi everyone, haven't posted for a while as I have been on a great course at the Academy of Film and Makeup in London. I decided a while a go that I wanted to pursue a career in make up and now I have the time to concentrate on it, I decided to go and get some formal training.

I cannot praise this course and the Academy enough, it was a brilliant week spent learning so much about make up right from basics through to advice on careers in bridal/tv/film/catwalk etc......

Jana and his team are really friendly and each day we were trained by a professional makeup artist who specialised in a specific filed of make up. This is so much better than just one teacher, as you get to learn so much more , and pick up loads of tips and hints. The course is mainly practical which is great, and we got to create different make up looks on each other every day.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this course was to see I suppose, if my heart was really in wanting to pursue make up as a career, and I can definitely now say it's 100% full speed ahead! I want to concentrate on Bridal makeup and am going to get a website going soon.

Will post some pics from the course soon , but I can definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of pursuing a career as a make up artist....xx

Friday, 4 June 2010

My Lip Favourites.... a return of Lipstick!!

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a while since my last post, but I feel with this blog I never want to just post random stuff just so I can post every day, It was never about that when I started this and it never will be!!!..Anyway on to the important stuff.....:)

I have always been a Lip gloss lover, I have far far to many..... Over the past couple of years I have probably worn Lip gloss daily and have only turned to Lipstick when I wanted a red shade, but that has all changed recently, mainly I must say due to watching lots of great videos from Lisa Eldridge I decided to invest in a few more Lipsticks and have to say I have a few favourites that I wear every week, and thought I would share them with you.....

So from left to right MAC Vegas Volt.......MAC Dressmaker........MAC Jist.......Rimmel Coral......Maybelline Ambre Rose.

Vegas Volt and Jist have definitely become summer favourites and I wear them regularly, the Rimmel Coral is really easy to wear if you don't want an intense Coral, and Ambre Rose is a good go to every day nude. I don't tend to wear lip liner I prefer a more casual lip look and often just pat the colour on with my finger.

So whats your favourite summer Lipsticks...?..x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Jewellery Time!!!!!

We have a store called Outfit just opened where I live in Essex and its basically Top Shop Dorothy Perkins and Warehouse all in one big shop!!

As It's my lovely friend Rachel's Birthday on Saturday so I decided to pop in there to pick her up a couple of bit's..........Obviously I couldn't resist picking up a couple of things for myself too...bad girl!....:) and I thought I would share them with you. Top Shop jewellery seems to have really come down in price, and they had some really lovely pieces, as did DP, they have all the jewellery in 6 huge stands in this store and I was standing literally forever trying to choose, think the shop assistant was getting worried about me!!!! so I thought I would share with you what I picked up

Gold LOVE ring from Top Shop, thought this was really pretty and I seem to be liking the more delicate jewellery pieces which are around at the moment.....


Silver Angel Wing earrings Top Shop....Love these!!! cant really say anymore than that!



Charm necklace Top Shop was really drawn to this, quite delicate and really liked the words and that fact that its silver and Gold so can wear with either gold or silver bracelets etc....


Black BOW ring Top Shop, thought this was really cute I like my jewellery to be a bit different, I'm after the red LIPS ring I have seen in a few magazines but cant seem to get hold of one...:(


Anyway hope you like these bits I cant wait to wear them...

Emma xx

FYI the nail polish Im wearing in these pics and LOVIN is MAC "to the beach" collection in Scorcher