Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday 26th February.....

Me Me Me Shimmy Shimmers....

So if your reading this you have more than like likely read my not so great review on the No7 Highlighter. So I was in my local Super drug today and I was musing over the Me Me Me counter, have a couple of their eye shadows which are really good quality for a cheaper brand, and at the moment they have £2 off the highlighters liquid and pressed ones. So I liked the look of the gold one, the pink is pretty but i have something very similar from Clinique and the gold looked like it would be good for your eyes too.....(here's hoping for no more sore eyelids with this one!).. So far I have tried this on my face and am impressed, it glides on and blends in really well, which was my main gripe with the No7 just doesn't!!!

At £4.99 at the moment I think this highlighter is a bargain, will be using over the next week and will do a post in about a week with an update....... :0)...x

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