Wednesday, 24 March 2010

To Conceal......or not to Conceal..?!?!

One product I find that I have never really found my perfect match with is......"Concealer" and boy have I tried loads....!!! Touche Eclat, Benefit, MAC, Clinique, ELF....need I go on?? I either find there to thick, sit in the fine lines under my eyes...(Benefit) Or there to thin and light and don't cover well (Touche Eclat) I think concealers are very personal to your skin texture as well as tone, and my skin is olive in colouring and i think that's where the problem lies, that and having quite bad dark circles from many years of lack of sleep from being a mummy!!

But hey, I will not be beaten there must be a wonder product out there which will make me look airbrushed and like I have just woken from a 12 hour sleep......(LOL) I just haven't found it yet. Next on my hit list is going to be Bobbi Brown, I have heard good things about this and like the idea of the cream concealer and powder in one compact!

Well I would love to hear about your favourite concealers and which ones you really love?.........Who better to ask than you guys??


  1. I thought Touche Eclat was a highlighter not a concealer? I am currently using the camo quad by Coastal Scents even though i'm from the UK. It matches perfectly and blends well, however, it's a bit too thick so it sits in my fine lines.

  2. I personally love Benefit Boi-ing!

    Another one i love is Max Factor Erase Concealer which is discontinued (in the UK not to sure about other places) but you can find some on ebay! they are a little more expensive then what they used to be as they are discontinued but i think totally worth it :)


  3. I like Benefit Erase Paste and Mac Studio Sculpt :)

  4. My favorite concealer is Bobbi Brown. I use the corrector first and then the concealer. The corrector is magic, often I only need to use the corrector with a light dusting of powder over the top.

  5. I know it sounds silly but I LOVE george at asda undereye concealer pen. I like it because it is touche eclat style, with the pen, but the formulation is slightly thicker so it covers really well. Its £3.50 xx

  6. @meowcake....not tried costal scents maybe I will have a look online! thanks...
    @sarbeauty not tried max factor either, may look on ebay...could have a few purchases to make!!
    @charlie yer i just cant get on with erase paste although i know people love it..:( MAC one, is one i have wanted to try for a while
    @glossqueen Bobbi Brown is def getting purchased this weekend....I didnt have time to be colour matched last time but off to John Lewis on Sunday!
    @Francesca doesn't sound silly atall, i actually have one from Tesco which colourwise is perfect but just to thick ...I love supermarket makeup ranges..... great prices!! x

  7. Thanks for taking the time to comment guys......all your reccomendations are great! More make up purchasing at the weekend.....Think I may need Rehab...!!!!!...;)