Friday, 30 April 2010

Body Shop.....Love

On a trip to my local shopping centre, I decided to pop into Body Shop and see whats new, every time I go in I want to pick up another Body Butter I love love love!!! the Coconut one, this is always in my suitcase for summer holidays, actually I love anything coconut scented bit of an obsession of mine and my mum and sister actually? must run in the family...:)

Anyway I pondered over the body butters and as I said I do love them for hols, but they do take a while to soak in and post shower in the mornings I want something moisturising but quick to apply, then I found this

Coconut Milk Body Lotion (Spray Bottle)

Scary pic! looks like a bird has just flown by!!!...Just trying to show the

I particularly like this firstly as it has a spray applicator, I think they have done this as the formulation of this is really runny, if you poured it out you would probably end up with half of it over the bathroom floor! Having said that I like the spray applicator, and although thin in consistency this lotion really soaks into the skin well and the fragrance is on par with the body butter although not sure the scent lasts so long.

These are £8 each but on offer at the moment 2 for £8 which is really good! they come in other scents too.

P.S If you are a lover of the Body Butters there on offer 2 for £15 at the moment including the Scrubs, really good value considering there normally £12 each....

What are your Body Shop Summer Favs...? x


  1. Ooh I like the idea of a spray like that, and I love coconut- in fact I'm wearing The Body Shop's coconute perfume oil today and I smell like holidays!

  2. @PrimpandPreen Yes I have the coconut perfume oil too!!!...people aaways comment when I'm wearing it, it lasts much longer than normal perfumes. Fraction of the price...:)

  3. The Body Shop's mango shower gel is like my favourite at any time of the year:P

    and shea lip butter is pretty good:D x