Friday, 9 April 2010

March Favourites........and a couple of products I have fallen out of love with!


Photo Ready HD Foundation

Thought I would hate this as I have dry skin but I have to say I really love it!!.. nice coverage no patchy dry bits , and I personally don't find a problem with it being to "sparkly" its not as heavy as other Revlon foundations, so thumbs up!

2. Dior Kiss Lip gloss in shade " 451 Mango Soda"

I have only just started dabling in Dior Makeup I have one of there eye shadow quads from a while back, the "smokey eye" one and it is lovely, but for the price tag nearly £40 I have not used it quite as much as I would have liked. But I was passing the Dior stand recently and the lipsticks and glosses caught my eye. I was looking for a lipstick shade that Nic from Pixiwoo used in a tutorial, but they didn't have it..:( so i moved on to the glosses, ( I love a nice gloss!) and spotted this one, its a lovely peachy colour with a lot of sparkle in it, but not in a trashy glittery way just very gold flecked, it really is a lovely summer shade and tastes good too!

3. MAC 187 Brush

I absolutely adore this brush for foundation..... when I picked it up from my local MAC counter I was dubious as it is expensive, but I had seen a lot of good reviews on it online. I sometimes find that the flat foundation brushes can need a lot of blending of the product, this however just airbrushes the product into your skin, the white bristles on the end are really light and distribute everything really evenly and as you get down to the more compact black bristles its really good for buffing everything in, I use this brush every day, and I just feel it makes everything look a lot more natural.....

4. Clairol Nice'n easy colour seal gloss

I colour my hair regularly prob about every 3-4 weeks and this little tube of conditioner is a life saver, it comes as part of the Clairol Hair Colour packs, but you can now buy them singularly on there own form Tescos Boots etc, there priced at 99p and one tube prob lasts my bob length hair 3 applications..... it really does leave your hair smooth and manageable and the shine it gives is amazing. They must of had a lot of good feedback on it as a brand to start selling it on its own, it comes in 3 shades red/brunette/blonde, def worth checking out if your hair is coloured.

5. St Ives Apricot Body Scrub

This is currently on half price offer in Tescos at the moment £2.49 from £4.99 def worth stocking up on. I am a fan of the Sanctuary Salt Scrub and that pretty glass jar is always standing on the side of my bath, but it is quite expensive and as summer is fast approaching and my fake tans are looking at me longingly form the bathroom cabinet,......:) I wanted a really good exfoliating scrub to use daily in the shower...well this is it, it actually feels like it's doing something! so many of the so called body scrubs about smell delicious but when you try them on your skin you find no scrubby bits in them! rubbish!!...... Guarantee you wont be disappointed with this one, have got my friend and Mum on to it and they have only good things to say about it to0! grab on now while there on offer.

A couple of items that I wanted to love.......:(

1. NARS Mousson Eyeshadow

Now when I saw swatches of this per Christmas last year in the NARS holiday collection i loved the look of this shadow, and when I was christmas shopping last year was excited to pick it up in London. Now the colour in the pan of this cream shadow is beautiful, but every time I use it , it just creases really badly......I use either MAC bare study or UDPP as an eyeshadow base for all my colours and have no problem at all with creasing apart from with this, its really hard to build up colour with it too you just seem to shift it around your eyelid rather than getting any decent coverage. I am going to try again with this shadow, as colour wise its everything I love, a mossy golden green, we will see.

MAC Ember Glow Lipglass

This is the Lipglass from the Colour Collection, I saw this and knew I wanted it straight away so purchased without really swatching it and the colour looked great in the tube. Hmmmm.... well I do love the colour its just the consistency I'm struggling with, it's very very matte on application (sounds weird as its a gloss) but it's hard to explain it just is really hard to apply it's such a matte colour for a gloss, it's almost like putting emulsion on your lips?.... I have tried it with a clear gloss over the top and it does work better, I'm not giving up on this one, I like it too much colour wise!!!!!

Anyway what are you loving right now?.......Any tips on the application of the NARS shadow or MAC Lipglass appreciated also appreciated.......:) x

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