Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My course at AOFM........

Hi everyone, haven't posted for a while as I have been on a great course at the Academy of Film and Makeup in London. I decided a while a go that I wanted to pursue a career in make up and now I have the time to concentrate on it, I decided to go and get some formal training.

I cannot praise this course and the Academy enough, it was a brilliant week spent learning so much about make up right from basics through to advice on careers in bridal/tv/film/catwalk etc......

Jana and his team are really friendly and each day we were trained by a professional makeup artist who specialised in a specific filed of make up. This is so much better than just one teacher, as you get to learn so much more , and pick up loads of tips and hints. The course is mainly practical which is great, and we got to create different make up looks on each other every day.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this course was to see I suppose, if my heart was really in wanting to pursue make up as a career, and I can definitely now say it's 100% full speed ahead! I want to concentrate on Bridal makeup and am going to get a website going soon.

Will post some pics from the course soon , but I can definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of pursuing a career as a make up artist....xx


  1. WOW how exciting. I really hope you post more. I hope you're succesful, if you ever get a portfolio up, let us all see.

  2. Keep us posted on your website :)

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