Friday, 30 July 2010

Silkimiz.........THESE ARE REALLY GOOD!!

Hi guys!!

On the eternal quest for smooth legs during summer, this product caught my eye in Superdrug. It's the Silkimiz Mitt, as you can see from my pics they are like little hand size pockets, of what basically looks like smooth sandpaper!....(maybe first dupe for make up product to be found in DIY store....ha ha ha!)

As there was no one in my office this afternoon I gave then a quick little trial on a patch of my leg..! I'm probably shaving my legs every 3 days at the moment and there just at that stubble coming back through stage. So basically you rub this little mitt in a circular motion 4 or 5 times in one direction and then the same in the other direction. And I have to say WOW my skin was really really smooth.....much more so than after shaving.

I bought the small pack which contains 3 of the mitts at the massive cost of 99p!!! I'm not sure the cost of the larger packs but its not more than £5 I will be doing the rest of my legs this weekend. The only downside I will say is that it probably takes 3 times as long as shaving, but I'm so impressed with the results so far I think its worth it!

Anyone else tried these or anything similar??

Emma x


  1. I've seen these but was worried they might be a bit irritating i might give them a try now thanks for the review x

  2. Yep there good....just go easy with them though as I think they could cause irritation if there rubbed to hard!....:)

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