Monday, 8 February 2010


Now I'm not new to E.L.F make-up, I first bought from there great website last year, the prices are so reasonable that you cant really go wrong....!..

That said, I wouldn't say all of the products I have tried have been good, and there are some that I defiantly would not re purchase, all in one concealer, cakey and dried out quickly, lip glosses sticky and do no apply well..... But there brushes are excellent value for money and compare really well to some more expensive ones I have, that tend to shed thier hairs all over your face!!... (MAC 190 you know who I'm talking about!!)

"Coralista" on the left, "Tickled Pink" on the right

So anyway on my quest to build up a varied blush collection 2 E.L.F products caught my eye, from thier the studio collection and go by the names "tickled pink" and "candid coral" these arrived today and I couldn't wait to get home and try them, if your not familiar with E.L.F products there packaging is very similar to NARS plain black simple, and clean, the blushers come with a mirror in the lid, (not very useful for applying blush) , but would be a good one in your hand bag for lip gloss on a night out...:).....On swatching these on the back of my hand neither product seemed to have very much pigmentation but i decided to try them properly when home and was pleasantly surprised. My favourite of the 2 is definitely candid coral, this reminds me of Benefits coralista which has been blogged about lots, but with E.L.F being £3.50 and Benefit £22, need I say more??....... I like this blush it is a pretty coral peachy colour with really pretty gold flecks in it. not at all glittery just leaves a really subtle sheen on the cheeks! a winner I think? "tickled pink" is a nice pink and I'm glad I purchased it, but It is very sheer and maybe more suited to fair skinned lovelies and not darker skins like myself. So to round up I'm pleased with purchases and will look into some more E.L.F products soon..........So what are your thoughts on E.L.F???

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this post, I <3 reading elf reviews x