Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Birthday bits!!!!........Urban Decay

Well for my birthday my lovely family got me some make up bits and skincare (skincare will be in another post)....and I thought I would share with you all......!!!!

Urban Decay Palette.................................................Urban Decay 24/7 Eye pencils

I saw this eye palette in House of Fraser a while ago now, and absolutely loved it!!! and I can honestly say i'm so glad I now have it. The colours are all really wearable, there is not one in there that i wouldn't use, which is unusual for collections like this, they normally have some random one in there that never sees my make up brushes!!! But not these, there really pigmented and go on the eyes really well all the colours compliment each nicely. I will say there probably more for evening rather than day time as some of them have undertones of glitter in them, but there are a couple of flat ones too so all in all GREAT!

Now on to my other favourite thing the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils, I bought a full size one of these in a lovely Green shade called "covet" a while ago and loved it, these pencils just glide on , no scratchy scraping around the eye which I HATE they are strong colours and are all really pretty..... This set is particularly good as it has nine of the shades in one box of half size pencils, so that way you get to have an array of colours in your collection! The full size pencils are around £11 each I'm not sure how much this set is (roughly £22) but its a lot better value for money buying them this way, plus you get all the shades. I have worn the green pencil "graffiti" and the brown one "corrupt" and they stay on all day, they don't budge!

Ok so from left to right........

Eldorado....Corrupt....Binge....Graffiti....Oil Slick
Then....Ransom....Rockstar....(luv this one!!!)....Zero....Stash

Sorry Pics aren't great swatching them on your hand never comes out well.....:)
But trust me these pencils are well worth it, all gorgeous LOVE THEM.......x

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  1. <3 what you got! But be careful of Oil Slick in the palette as it cracked and went all over everywhere in mine and like yeh.. it ruined polyester bride for me! haha

    oooh and I soo want the Ransom liner! X