Monday, 8 March 2010

Bobbi Brown........

I cant actually believe that in all my years of make up purchasing I have never had any products from Bobbi Brown before, I guess not having a counter that near to where I live is the main reason , as with NARS....... I just never seemed to get to them that easily...! But now thanks to John Lewis at the Bluewater Shopping centre, I can start trying a few things out!! ....

So I have read numerous reviews online from bloggers and in magazines about how good her concealer is, it comes in a little pot as seen below with cream concealer in the top and a powder in the bottom compartment...Now unfortunately I have yet to pick one of these up, as the lovely lady on the counter said (quite rightly) that she would need to take off my make up and do a skin tone match, as I had my son with me at the time and we were already 10 minutes late for the cinema thought best not to do it right now!!!......:((... review coming soon on it though...I will have one!!!

Anyway on of the other cult Bobbi Brown products is her "gel eyeliner" written and raved about almost everywhere..... I will say at this point I have not had gel liner before, and everyone seems to say it is the best to apply for a precision line, and staying power, although I had my doubts if I would be able to apply it properly........But I have to say I have used it twice and practice is definitely going to make perfect, but it is a lot easier than I thought it would be , gives a really precise line and stays put all day with no smudging or movement whatsoever...! so far I LOVE it, wish I had tried gel liner before. I did also buy the Bobbi Brown liner brush which I definitely think makes the application a lot easier, its a brilliant brush angled just right for a thick or thin line......

Brilliant Brush!!!!!!

The other item I wanted to try was one of her eye shadows, and I picked up the one pictured above in the shade "Rock" this is a really nice neutral shade in a greyish colour with a silvery/green undertone. I wanted another every day shadow and this is nice addition to my collection neutral but very pretty. All in all I'm pleased with these two products so far, pricing is on par with MAC a little bit pricier but the single shadows do seem slightly larger. Also they have 10% off promotion on at the moment at John Lewis in Bluewater, not sure when it finishes, but worth it if you have a few bits to buy......The colour bricks look awesome..........

Any Bobbi Brown recommendations....????


  1. I've only used the gel liners and you haven't said which shade you got here but I loveeeee Graphite Shimmer!

    so no recommendations really sorry! x

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for following the Blog....I just went with the Black one for now, Im loving it! they also do a purple/black which looks lovely......Graphite Shimmer sounds nice, may have to check that one out too!....:0)....x