Sunday, 9 May 2010

No 7 Voucher time again!!!

I once again seem to have ended up with a few of the Boots No7 £5 off vouchers, (not that I'm complaining..:-) and I really like seeing what you girls get with yours, so I thought I would share.......

I picked up "The Hot Cloth Cleanser" I have heard alot of rave reviews about the Liz Earle one and have not tried this out yet, so I thought while I have the money off I would give the No7 version a whirl! I tried this out tonight, and I have to say I really like this form of cleansing, the hot cloth is really relaxing on your face, and just rough enough to make you feel like you are having some exfoliation when you rub the cleanser far so good, my skin felt really clean afterwards. This costs around £12 but I got it for £7 with the voucher

I also picked up the No 7 "Anti dark spot facial protection in SPF30" I wanted a handbag sized SPF face cream that I could just whack on during the day (If we ever see the sun again!!!) and this one seems good. I definitely over exposed my self to too much sun during my teens, although luckily my face doesn't seem to have suffered because of this, but I feel now that I have to start using sun protection on a regular basis, I tan very easily so I don't normally bother apart from if I'm on holiday, but this year I think It has to become part of my skincare routine on a daily basis, so I'm going to pop this in my handbag and use during the day.!.....

On a final note I just have to mention this Lip gloss from H&M, I have always been impressed with the small make up range they do, especially the nail varnishes which are excellent, and I have had a few of the lip glosses. My friend Rachel picked this one up a couple of weeks ago, and when she brought it round to show me, I knew I had to have it... It's a really summery Bubblegum pink shade and it is really really pigmented, it comes out very bright be warned...but I think its the perfect summer pink just teamed with basic makeup I think I will be wearing it alot... and also priced at £2.99 you cant really go wrong.

Have you guys tried any H&M make up products, or bough anything nice with your No7 vouchers this month?

Emma x


  1. I'd love to see a swatch of what the lipgloss looks like on the lips :) Looks lovely! xx

  2. I picked up the hot cloth cleanser as well and I'm getting on really well with it, it's a lovely thick cleanser. I also got one of the No 7 decades lipglosses, the 90s one called Jennifer and that's pretty cute. Totally overpriced at £6.75 for 4ml, but great value when it's £1.75!

  3. @Lauren Yes I will def try and get a decent swatch of this one on the lips, it is lovely x

    @Primp and Preen Not seen the new decades lipglosses yet will def have to check them out in my larger boots! x Glad your liking the hot cloth cleanser too, I'm thinking its probably cheaper than the Liz Earle one?